New Chip Cards!

Your new card has the latest in secure chip technology.

All Haynes credit and debit cards will now include EMV chip technology, which provides enhanced security and global acceptance. The new card you’ll be receiving looks a little different than the one you currently are using. You’ll notice a small “chip” embedded in the plastic. Old cards that don’t have the chip use a magnetic strip on the back to permanently store your financial information, making it an easy target for data thieves.



What do I do with my old debit card?
Once you have activated your new EMV chip card, please destroy your existing card, as it will still be active for a short period of time and is a security risk.
Is the transaction process different?
Yes. It’s slightly different. You’ll insert your EMV card in a POS (Point of Sale) terminal, wait for it to be authorized, and remove it. You’ll either sign or key in your PIN to complete the transaction.
Do I need to enter a PIN when using my card at a chip-enabled terminal?
For debit card purchases you can either use your PIN or signature. Your PIN will be required for cash back on debit card transactions. For credit purchases, no PIN is required but you may be prompted for a signature.
Has my card information changed?
For your convenience, both your card number and PIN will stay the same. Your card will have a new expiration date and CVV, so be sure to update your information on those accounts with recurring payments.
Does my EMV card have all the same benefits?
Yes. You can count on the same level of benefits you always have.